Sofia Zoo is a municipal company on an annual budget provided by the Municipality of Sofia. It covers all the basic needs of the zoo and the animals.

The Zoo relies strongly on the support of the general public and the interest of people in animal welfare. Donations can be made directly to the zoo account by observing the procedure approved by Municipality of Sofia or on a long-term basis via the Animal Adoption Program.
In Sofia Zoo this program was established in December 1997 following the example of many European and zoos all over the world where similar donor programs are in place. The adoption program sets goals that are not limited to raising additional funds. It offers to adopters unique possibilities to participate in the process of improvement of animal welfare and not just to provide money. It gives them the chance to learn about the adopted animals more than the average visitor, to discuss with the zoo specialists the needs of the adopted animals and fund zoo projects aimed at improvement of enclosures, environmental enrichment, providing materials and services for animals. It has great social, educational and cultural significance.

In the first years of its existence, funds from this program were used to provide some basic things such as food, emergency repairs and reconstructions etc. An example of that is the significant improvements made to the Big Cats Hall, where the aquarium and terrarium are located, the outside enclosures of the lions and the Siberian tiger, the reconstruction of the aviary for the golden eagle and many others. In the last years, donation funds have been used mainly to improve animal welfare, environmental enrichment and make animal habitats, as close to the nature as possiblee. For example, a special ball was purchased for our female Asian elephantArtaida to stimulate the animal's natural behavior. The adopters have the opportunity to receive information about adopted animals and meet with their zookeepers. Access to enclosures or direct contact is not permitted, as in many cases it involves risks for both humans and animals.
Currently, our donors/adopters are individuals and companies, schools and other institutions that wish to help improve the living conditions of animals in Sofia Zoo.

Information about animals for adoption, as well as how to donate/adopt can be obtained from Irina Sahatchieva – PR and International Affairs Coordinator at mobile 0878 640 183, email address:

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